Could 2018 be the Year of Return for the State of the South?

Anwar Rasheed

Anwar Rasheed

Kuwaiti Journalist

First, I congratulate the free southern people with the new year, asking God for mercy to martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the dignity of the south. I also send my warm greetings for the southern women who suffered all kinds of cruelty for the south to be free. My greetings also to all men and young men who are defending the south.
All facts and realities about the southern transitional council and the southern national assembly and their brave decisions like establishing a center for Decision Making Support, in addition to other secret decisions for the safety and security of the south that might be taken without announcement, are all marvelous steps towards establishing the political infrastructure of the southern state.
Of course, these steps are slow, but at the same time, they are very advanced, especially under these conditions the south is suffering from. These steps are I favor of the south and for the good of its people.
These preparations taken by the southern transitional council, his president general Aidarous Al-Zubaidy, and vice president, Sheikh Hany Ben Brik, are essential under these very complicated circumstances. The southern transitional council succeeded in putting the south on the right path towards freedom and independence. In my opinion, the south is confidently walking on solid ground without delay are hast.
Today’s south is not yesterday’s south. Today, the south has a transitional council, delegated by the people in two major historical occasions, with a national assembly representing the whole south that communicated with UN, the Arab League and Gulf Cooperation Council. These are unprecedent historical movements since the so-called resented union.
As an observer of the southern scene, I can see encouraging steps from Al-Zubaidy and his fellows. I expect that, due to the indetermination of the “Storm of Determination” for nearly three years of war, the increased expenses and international pressure against the war, that the historical opportunity will come, undoubtedly, to the south. The southern transitional council knows that well and prepared for this historical moment to come. I have a great expectation about the upcoming stage. My hope is to hear the declaration of the State of the South in 2018. Could that dream come true? I hope so.

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