Depending on the Power of Legitimacy Will Dismantle the Ally



Some parties of the Arab Ally persist in depending on the powers of the failure legitimacy government while this corrupt government is doing nothing but supervising chaos, corruption and favoritism. This may lead support provided by the Ally to this corrupt government to turn against the Ally itself.

Without dismissing those criminals and war traders from the government, the Arab Ally, and the Yemeni people as well, will never see light. People of the north of Yemen will never erupt against Saleh to return his brother Ali Mohsen. They will never erupt against Al-Houthi to return Hameed Al-Ahmar again.

Without direct supervision of the Arab Ally on every single matter in Yemen, the Ally will find nothing but more chaos, destruction and blackmailing. What is available today might not be available tomorrow. Without a realistic political project for solving the southern cause, a solution acceptable by the southern people, any other solution will be nothing but a delusion in the mind of its maker, just like the outcomes of Sanaa talks that increasing the problem instead of solving it.

Yemen needs a project for economic security according to mechanisms of integrity and away from war traders and corrupt persons who will drag the region to more disturbance. Past experiences assert that those who played a vital role in destroying Yemen can never be part of the solution. The solution is only available through independent patriotic persons who can rule northern Yemen and supporting the southern transitional council to rule the south according to common understanding with the countries of Arabia. This is the only correct strategic solution.


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