Do not expose the national prisoner Faisal Rajab in the market of slander

Written by/ Saleh Ali Al-Dawil Baras.

SMA News – Aden the capital

When the legitimacy negotiated the Houthi coup to exchange prisoners, Major General Faisal Rajab was not present, neither in the headlines of the negotiation nor in its details. This proved the results of the negotiation, and the southern periphery appeared lame, except in fighting the south and its desperate attempts to create a culture of hatred and ignite a war between its regions, this is what it seeks, but “the more they kindle a fire for war Allah turned it off.”

The sectarianism of al-Zayoud has negotiated with its sectarianism and released the sectarian detainees from the family of Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar. We did not hear a trumpet of the periphery that denounced that or moved his lips with a word, why?.. and how was that? His remaining a prisoner does not require the party to instruct its followers to form a popular committee to support him as long as Al-Ahmar released their prisoners, as the brigade was at the bottom of its priorities and did not care about its concerns.

The screaming rose days ago under the pretext of storming the house of Major General Rajab, and it culminated clearly in a statement from his advocacy committee. At the forefront of the statement was the sheikhs and figures of Abyan who met with President Aidarous al-Zubaidi, whom some described at the time as a few who had no value and did not represent Abyan, then it turned out that it was painful no matter how much they underestimated his personalities at the time of the meeting, then denouncing him and trying to link him to the slander of entering Rajab’s house.

Voices rose from the raid on his house, an act that no one would be satisfied with if it was true!! But it turned out that it was a rumor, like spawning rumors of looting that multiply like mushrooms and end like air bubbles. Most of them are slanderous looting, such as looting his floor, which vanished and then storming his house. It turned out that it was a fabrication that was confirmed by Abyan and Shabwani personalities, although the security authorities have a right in light of the Houthi war, the Brotherhood war, and the war of terrorism in Aden. It is not a personal weapon, so if it suspects that there is a suspicious movement or crews of unknown identity next to his house or the house of someone else, the duty is to investigate and know its truth, which is one of the axioms of security.

A distinction must be made between the prisoner Major General Faisal Rajab and his sons!! His son is free and if he makes a mistake, he will be held accountable. As for Faisal Rajab, he is a prisoner in the Houthi prisons, and the Transitional Council did not hand him over and will not lower his status by any measure. Everyone knows who failed him when they captured him and who failed him in the prisoner exchange negotiations while he is symbol not just for Abyan, as some want to exploit it, but rather a symbol of the South in general, and its status and home are safeguarded, but members of his family are not allowed to exploit his status and throw it into the game of rumors and lies that have become a daily commodity that is not ashamed of repetition. Respecting his status is a duty for his family first not to make it a material in making a southern culture of southern hatred is a disgraceful approach that Major General Faisal Rajab will never accept.

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