Do not get angry

Written by\ Dr. Ali Saleh Al-Khalqi
Anger is linguistically, a will for revenge that comes from a person’s feeling of harm, contempt, or humiliation inflicted on him by others. It is the key to all evil. In the moments of intense anger that a person experiences for any reason, he rushes quickly without judging his mind, which is a gift from Allah to him. He acts motivated by the fire of anger that boils inside him like a cauldron with aggression, and he rushes like a raging bull without considering the consequences of his action, then he soon regrets his behavior. But it would be too late, and it was said about anger: “The beginning of anger is madness, and the end of it is regret.” That is why our Holy Prophet recommended us not to get angry, when a man came to him asking for a will, saying: (Advise me, he said: Do not get angry, so he repeated it by saying: Do not get angry).
Anger tops the list of the seven deadly to the soul, namely: anger, jealousy, envy, gluttony, lust, arrogance, and laziness, and that is because of the consequences of anger of bad things that do not cross the mind and do not praise their consequences, whether they are verbal or actual.
Anger is also reprehensible in our popular proverbs, which urge us to avoid it and not to succumb to it, whatever the circumstances, in which it urges to avoid harm by all means and to calm anger. Likewise, it’s said: “If evil befalls you, then sit down.” And it was said: “Whoever gets angry while standing and sits, his anger will subside, and if he is sitting down, then he will subside.”
It is known that the fool is light-minded and quick to anger, and for this reason it was said in our proverbs: “A fool is the enemy of his own soul.” That is, his quick anger and quick temper bring bad and dangerous results to him, and the poet’s saying is true about him:
I did not see the enemies when I tested them
An enemy to one’s mind is more hostile than anger
Among our proverbs, which express the effect of a kind word in calming feelings of anger, is their saying: “If your peace had not preceded your words, I would have cut your flesh and bones.”
Anger is a cause of resentment and love of revenge, and to act recklessly and hastily, and because of it the mind is lost and things get out of control, and the poet said:
Why did I get angry, so my matter was lost from my hand * And the matter comes out of the hand of the angry
The sane, wise, and forbearing person is the one who controls his feelings, controls his nerves, and controls himself at the moment of anger, and the Holy Prophet says: “The strong is not the one who is violent, but the strong is the one who controls himself when angry.”
We seek refuge in Allah from the evil of anger, and Allah get us with those who control themselves when angry.

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