Do not give the chance to those who tamper with the issue of the people of the South

Written by\ Dr. Hussein Laqwar
Leaving Southern political work to political teenagers and those climbers on the issue of the people of the South, has given the Yemenis who are tampering with the national rights of the people of the South a chance that they will not waste and they will pass on their Yemeni projects over these beginners in national work.

Such people who are foreign to southern national action have not learned that there is no neutrality in national issues, no settlements and compromises, and no bargaining with the remnants of corrupt legitimacy that lead to sabotaging the southern homeland project and tampering with the capabilities of the people of the South.

Betting on solutions that come from the South’s most ardent enemies in legitimacy and its corrupt leaders, in which history is still a witness to their actions and what they have done in the recent past and what they are doing today in abusing the southern person, plundering and robbing him of his rights to a decent life after plundering and destroying his capabilities, is the bet of the disappointed.

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