Extraordinary Achievements!!


In the era of the “Legitimacy Government”, it is a great achievement if an oil ship managed to dock in a port to deliver only one thousand tons of fuel that is not enough for running Adan Electric power stations for more than two days. This event is considered breaking news in media channels. This asserts a so-called fact that prominent leaders of the country, from presidency to electric power authorities, have exerted extraordinary effort to make this event happen!!!

Excessive media coverage of such news made even housewives of Adan experts in oil, refineries and electricity. They now know Al-Absy and his oil tabk ships, Al-Bakry and his oil refinery and Al-Shaaby and his electricity. More important, they know that their children would never turn their TVs on without directives of Ben Doghr according to president Hady’s orders!!

Just as the electric issue, payment of half-annual pensions has become a major event under this government, as it is Ramadan at the age of Prophet’s companions. Pension payment requires six months of directives before payment and six months of thanks after payment!!

Under this government, if a minister is to attend the mourning ceremony of the late Arafat Madabesh, deputy of the ministry of media, he must get directives from prime minister himself and these directives are announced in every single media channel of the government in Riyadh and Jeddah before the concerned minister attends the ceremony, as if it is a major achievement that requires public recognition!!

Like the achievements of the presidency and the government, lower level administrative authorities should have their own achievements too. For example, suction of a sewer swamp in Adan is a major event that deserves a special report in Adan TV channel and mentioning all leaders of the governorate. In addition, the reporter is very careful in standing at the right angle at the end of the report so that images confirm his attendance of this major event!!

Unfortunately, this is absurd as the government is making and selling delusions for people. The government recognizes its real failure in making any real effort, but it insists on keeping us busy following its fabulous achievements that requires no more than daily routine work!!

Sewer swamps are the responsibility of the municipal, buying fuel is the responsibility of oil company, salary payment is the responsibility of banks and concerned organizations when financial resources are available, and all other tasks of governmental organizations are very clear. Such things don’t require “courageous” decisions for pumping fuel in a car tank of paying a deserved pension.

“Courageous” decisions that people await are decisions for fighting corruption, preventing public money embezzlement, punishing misuse of public position and uncovering terrorist cells with those who support it from inside the “official” government.

The government is not deceiving any one but itself while giving those poor crushed people a funny interval for laughing on it while it is practicing primitive politics that are no different from the way former Imams ran their kingdom in the past.


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