Fed Up

Yasser Al-Saidy Al-Kazemy

Southern writer
All catastrophes happening in the south during the past three years are because of the existence of Hady’s Legitimacy in Maasheek. Since then, the south is facing a crisis after another, all invented by thieves of this legitimacy who corrupted the life in Adan and the whole south. They robed the Central Bank and all revenues of productive sectors in the south and transferred to their bank accounts abroad. They invented crises of fuel, salaries and other daily life and security crises while the southern people are helpless. This legitimacy is the plague imposed by Riyadh to control our life. So, what is the point to live under this misery. For how long should we live like that? And what have we gained from this so-called legitimacy? This legitimacy works day and night just to exhaust the southern transitional council, delegated by the people. Then, why are we so committed with a legitimacy that conspires against our achievements and only wants to exhaust our hope for a free country that grants better life in peace for its people? What have we done to be punished like that? The council should reconsider its partnership with this legitimacy as this partnership is useless since the president’s legitimacy is highjacked by Muslim Brotherhood and he is obliged to follow their anti-southern agenda. The council with all honorable southern citizens should work on establishing the state’s associations and to clear them off all impurities of Affash’s era. All those who are fighting for their conflicting interests should get out of the south and leave us to build our state. Let us determine our fate. Long live the south and long live the southern transitional council.

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