Forcibly deported southern soldiers

Written by\ Saleh Abu Awdhel
Addressing the issue of the forcibly deported southern soldiers, an issue that has been going on for more than 16 years, meaning that since the moment the forcibly deported went out of their jobs to the streets in rejection of the Yemeni occupation policy.

Any treatments that are taking place today would not have been possible without the gains made by the Southern Transitional Council.

Attempting to invest in an issue that has become a solution due to the changes that have taken place on the ground, and no one is credited with these in addressing their issue.

It is inappropriate for one of the makers of this crisis and the problem today to claim that he has deliberately dealt with it.

Throughout my journalistic work, I have never seen a decision leaked to activists on Facebook and Twitter before it was issued, except during the era of “Rashad Al-Alimi”.

May peace of Allah be upon President Hadi’s decisions that were issued late at night, and some did not know about them until the next day.

Addressing the issue of those forcibly deported from their jobs, no matter how these treatments are, they remain incomplete unless the reason for their dismissal is still for three consecutive decades.

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