Government Of Sin

Written by \ Saleh Abu Awdhal
The governor of the capital, Aden, “Ahmed Hamed Lamlas,” said that the “government of power-sharing” did not fulfill its obligations towards the capital; he is honest in every word he said, basically, this government came to address a “problem” of power and administration, corruption and nepotism, and the plundering of resources, and turned into a burden on the citizen, and caused the citizen’s livelihood to collapse.

In the year 2018, when the Southern Transitional Council (STC) rejected the government’s measures and its diverting of the course of the war from confronting the Iranian arms to confronting the South, militarily, security, economically, and in services, STC needed to wage a battle to defend the national and political aspirations of the southerners and their right to live and to get the fruits of the victory that was achieved with rivers of pure blood.

The Saudi sponsors said, “We have a magical idea” that will deal with the fabricated crises, the Transitional Council had no choice but to welcome this idea presented by the Saudi ambassador and the first official responsible for the Yemeni file, “Mohammed bin Saeed Al Jaber.”
The Saudis presented to Hadi a paper containing the names of a new government, the head of which is the Minister of Public Works and Roads, “Moeen Abdul-Malik Al-Sabri”, who came from the campuses of the university in Sana’a, and in order for this magical idea to succeed: “Riyadh provided financial support to the Central Bank estimated at $2 billion.”

It was only a few months after that deposit when reports of the United Nations and the Panel of Experts came out, confirming that the deposit went in favor of “Hael Saeed Anam Commercial Group and Al-Kuraimi Bank,” in addition to some companies owned by Moeen Abdul-Malik in the name of his son; These are not accusations directed against Moeen, but rather many press reports talked about it.

Controversy arose again, and the Saudis said to Moeen, “The $2 billion will be sacrificed for your sake.” We will give you a second chance and a second deposit. Here you may stop and ask yourself: “Why insisting on a man who is convicted of corruption and manipulation of deposit and local resources?”

The Saudis say that we are prejudiced against his Excellency, the “Ambassador”, but what is the insistence for making this corrupt person to be at the head of the government?

There is great corruption and failure, Moeen will eventually be removed, but who does bear the mismanagement of the file?

This is a “Government of sin”, in every sense of the word, Southerners pay the price for this grave sin daily.

Otherwise, let us ask “ourselves”, what is the wisdom for choosing a “Yemeni” prime minister, when the head of the Presidential Leadership Council, the speaker of parliament, the governor of the Central Bank and ministers of sovereign ministries are all from one “Yemeni” governorate, which is not liberated and complains of the siege… if the choice is for the goal of “Lifting the siege on this Yemeni governorate”, then, why hasn’t the siege been lifted till today?

What is the role played by this government? … Does it pay salaries; Does it participate in the normalization of security situation? Is it combating terrorist organizations, Is it fighting on the fronts against the Houthis who are loyal to Iran?

What does it do? … other than plundering resources and Yemenizing the jobs, and Taiznating for “accuracy?”
We ask the Saudi brothers, what is the position of the Presidential Leadership Council on the terrorist operations launched by Al-Qaeda against the Security Belt, Shabwa Defense, and the Giants forces?

Bring us one achievement for Rashad Al-Alimi or Moeen Abdul-Malik, only one achievement.. Some may say, “He restored 50 thousand southerners to their jobs.”

This file has been on the table for ten years, and there are international grants from which the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Mohammed Al-Saadi, received three billion dollars, which were allocated to treat “those forcibly dismissed from their jobs.”

The time has come to address this sin, just as it is not reasonable and logical for the southerners to remain in a state of silence in front of the “policy of siege and starvation practiced by these figures of the sin government. It is time for the South to have its “own” government.
The time has come to put an end to this absurdity so that the experience of “Hoshi and Jodi” will not be repeated again.

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