Holding the Fifth Session of the Assembly is national necessity to break challenges

Written by\ Eyad Ghanem
Holding the Fifth Session of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council at this fateful stage is gaining importance and connotations in light of exceptional and extremely dangerous and complex circumstances that the people of the South are going through, which calls for urgent action to take the necessary decisions to confront the existing challenges, and to set red lines to defend the rights of the people and stop series of systematic torture against the citizens who have lost hope of lifting it off their shoulders, intending to be subdued and subjugated to accept the planned policies and re-empowerment of the occupying forces of the South.
The fifth session will be outcome with fateful decisions to defend those usurped rights, preserve the national, military and diplomatic gains that have been achieved, work to achieve the extension of southern control, and stand in front of all forms of conspiracy intended to continue the suffering of the citizens and coincide with the obsession of some treacherous who are still in the orbit of hostility to the cause of the people of the South, and they will gain nothing but disappointment, which is the only gain they can achieve, in front of a people who sacrificed everything to defend their religion and the soil of their homeland.
The fifth session of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council is taking place in extremely dangerous circumstances and a difficult time in the South, in light of the continued stagnation of the political forces participating in the Riyadh consultations and their lack of serious action to work and implement the final Riyadh agreement and consultations, and move to resolve the services files related to the stability of citizen’s life in the governorates of the South and mobilize energies and capabilities to liberate the north, however, we note the mobilization of energies to head south, and increasing growth of the activities of terrorist cells, which confirms the failure to prove the good intentions of those forces that hate the project of the people of the south, which are still betting on adopting catastrophic conditions in the south to achieve their goals and implement their agenda.
The South is going through extremely dangerous circumstances that require it to remind the brothers in the Arab coalition of the need to deal firmly according to the data of controlling the land and to push with all force to compel those forces to implement the Riyadh Agreement and its final consultations urgently, because there is a delay in that which will leave fingerprints and dangerous effects on internal, regional and international peace.
The National Assembly will come up with recommendations that anticipate the planned conspiracies and projects targeting the people of the south, their cause and the unity of their internal fabric, and identify clear options that are at the level of the sacrifices made by our people, and the gains and victories they have achieved on the ground, at all levels.
Because the Southern Transitional Council constitutes the defensive force for the project of the people of the south, the voice expressing their just cause, and the defensive political and military force for the cause of the people of the south, which is a broad southern front that calls on all southerners who believe in the justice of their cause and adhere to their national project to move urgently, and give priority to the interest of the country to join this southern front, which represents the rock of defiance against the tyranny and conspiracies of the enemies, and to confront the plans of containment for the march of struggle and the struggle of people for more than (25) years and to move forward together towards achieving the goals of the revolution and the aspired people.
We need to have a full reading of the scene in the fifth session of the National Assembly, and to convey several messages to the region and the world in a clear and explicit manner that there is no solution to the Yemeni crisis without looking at the root of the problem represented by the disruption of the partnership contract signed between the leadership of the two peoples’ states in the year 1990, with this right and recognition, the solution is to implement President Ali Salem Al-Beidh’s decision to disengage in the year 1994 and return to the conditions prior to the year 1990 as the solution to the crisis, and no force whatsoever will be able to jump over this just solution, or bypass it after it has become a fixed and clear reality.
The National Assembly will warn these practices, and the moves that some are trying to play on, which are childish attempts that are intended to block the way in front of the will of the southern people, that will be emanating from the depth of the legitimacy of the cause for which the southern people are struggling to contain the legitimacy of the issue and eliminate the will, and everyone knows how many initiatives were launched and where they ended, and where the people of the south were during the launch of the National Dialogue Conference, that mighty and great people who took the arenas of peaceful struggle as a field in which to express their conviction and free will and to announce their goal in it.
The National Assembly will announce to the whole world to say to it, whoever wants to make peace, let him make it from the inspiration of looking into the depth and roots of the crisis, not for solutions to be inspired by regional and international interests and trends. The south, which is the epitome of the crisis, and without a just solution to it, with the return to the situation before the year 1990, there is no peace, no security and stability for the region.
Holding the fifth session of the National Assembly will only be an important event that will discuss a number of issues and challenges, and come up with a way that enhances the people’s confidence in this national institution, preserves the victories and gains achieved by the Southern Transitional Council, and announces the southern position towards the policies of torture against the people of the South, and projects of conspiracy and betrayal, and the approval of what accelerates salvation and achieves victory.

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