Houthi targeting oil facilities… Why today?

Written by\ Fattah Al Muharrami
For eight years, the Houthi militia loyal to Iran has not threaten or target oil and vital facilities and companies in the South. Today, we find that, after weeks of threats, terrorist attack targeted the Dabba oil port, a targeting that amounts to a war crime against humanity.
On Friday, the Iranian-backed militias carried out terrorist strikes with two drones targeting the Dabba oil port in Hadramout Governorate, coinciding with the arrival of the ship transporting crude oil shipments from Hadramout, in an attempt to prevent the export of oil, which has been going on for eight years.
It seems that reducing the influence of their supporters in the Yemeni legitimacy, and we mention here the wing of the Islah party (the Brotherhood of Yemen) and the return of governorates of the South to their people, specifically the oil governorate of Shabwa, and with the moves in Hadramout to expel the forces of the first military region of the Brotherhood .. in turn led to the reduction of indirect and direct support and the severing of the resource which was protecting them by within the legitimacy, and that is why they started such attacks, which are mainly targeting the South, its people and its wealth, in addition to messages by militias loyal to Iran, the coalition, the international community and the efforts of the UN envoy to end the conflict and establish peace. Yes, perhaps these changes and movements sounded an alarm for this terrorist militia, and that they are in danger, represented by the end of the financial, moral and political support and funding that comes to them from within the wings of legitimacy to keep them from collapsing, and therefore they rushed to this dangerous recklessness that they will pay the price for.

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