I see the return of the state of the South .. with the naked eye soon

Written by \Dr. Khaled Al Qasimi
I said this sentence in 2008 to Aden Live TV Channel, when it was operating by former President Ali Salem Al-Bidh from Beirut, and I was not flattering at the time. Indeed, I saw it in the southern peaceful movement, which we were watching through this channel, and the killing and persecution of the people of the South at the hands of Yemeni oppression machine.

At that time, the Gulf states were in a good relationship with the regime of Afash (Ali Abdulah Saleh), so he sent his foreign minister, Abu Bakr al-Qirbi, with a CD to the political leadership, vowing and threatening that I am against his Yemeni unity.

Today, after this all-inclusive meeting of all the southern factions in the capital, Aden, which we have called for since the liberation of the South in 2015, that there be a southern framework that includes all the spectra of the people of the South, under the umbrella of one tent, from Al-Mahra to Bab Al-Mandab, to gather, agree and disagree about their southern cause within one southern house frame.

I swear by Allah, it is like an announcement to the far and near all over the world, that the southern state is coming, and it is the goal of all the people of the South from one end to the other, as expressed by this broad gathering sponsored by the Southern Transitional Council.

After all this, when I recall what I said in 2008, I was not wrong, and if the wait has been long for the people of the South since 1994, then victory will be their ally in the end, Allah willing. .

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