Ideological Distraction… the Powerful Weapon of Our Enemies

Nasr Al-Esayi

Nasr Al-Esayi

Southern Writer
Enemies and occupation troops try, in several ways, to control public opinion in the communities they want to control or occupy through ideological distraction. This is a very influential and dangerous means for affecting these communities. As southern citizens, we should be ware of this systematic ideological distraction initiated by our enemies through their agents represented in some southern activists and media men. They are trying to distract the southern public opinion to force the south out of the desired path and into trivial matters. The main aim is to make the southern people believe that their desired goal, independence, is not a top priority and then gradually it disappears from our calculations. That is exactly what some of their agents started to do in the south. They are introducing the idea that they were with independence and then they discovered that it is dangerous for the south. They are trying to justify their ideas by saying that the southern people are unable to rule and build a state. They are trying to convince the southern people to abandon independence and return to the so-called union with the powers of evil and corruption. Again, be ware of that trap.

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