Invisible Hands in the UN Experts Report

Huda Al-Attas

Huda Al-Attas

Southern writer
No one has the right to claim that he is right while other are all wrong. Now, it is time for a southern road map by the national assembly under the title of “Saudi 2030 Vision and the Future of the Peninsula’s South”. Hadhramaut proved to be immune against division. From the first paragraph in the UN experts commission report about Yemen, it is clear that the report is affected by visions of parties related to Yemeni Reform Party – the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood, and other parties related Saleh’s Public Conference Party. These parties and information sources usually appear in NGOs reports as they depend on information provided by media, activists and lobbies loyal to such parties. One clear evidence comes in the introduction depending on false information about several governors who separate from the government and joined the southern transitional council. It is well-known that those governors were forcefully dismissed because of media campaigns against them by the Reform Party and its continuous pressure on the government to dismiss them. therefore, describing them as separatists is inaccurate as when they joined the choices of the southern cause and its rightful demands, they were already out of their official positions in the legitimacy. The report also indicated that the Arab Coalition established military forces to fight on behalf of the coalition, in a clear reference to the security belt forces and Shabwa and Hadhramaut Elites Forces, although these forces were established by a presidential decree issued by president Abd Rabu Mansour Hady. Therefore, they are formal forces related to the legitimacy and are not, as the report tried to say, militias that fight on behalf of some parties. In a later paragraph about battels of security belt and elites’ forces against terrorists of Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Shabwa, Hadhramaut and Abian, the report described the same forces as “Yemeni Military”. The report is full of evidences about the effects exercised by Muslim Brotherhood and Conference Party on those who wrote it. Evidences become clear when we analyze the reports paragraphs carefully.

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