July 7th … The Darkest Day in the South

Dr. Fadl Al-Rubaiy

Dr. Fadl Al-Rubaiy

Southern Writer
July 7th, is the darkest day in the southern national history and in memory of every southern. This is the day when the south was invaded in an unjust war that lasted for 73 days, during which all southern people lived under fire of canons and military air crafts of Sanaa’s regiment (Arab Republic of Yemen). A dirty war where all brutal means, religious opinions and misleading rumors were used for agitation and for killing southern citizens. They recruited all terrorist powers. They launched and absurd war against the lands and peoples of the south. Even mosques, power stations, water reservoirs and hospitals didn’t survive that war. This led UN Security Council to issue two decisions no. 924 and 931 during the war, calling for cease fire and inviting both parties for negotiations. The southern regimen expressed his understanding for the two decisions while Sanaa’s regiment rejected them. the south was invaded and tens of thousands of the southern people were killed, injured or became homeless.
The war didn’t end on July 7th. This dark day was just the beginning for the south to enter the worst stage in his contemporary history. Violations, oppression and prisons continued for all southern citizens everywhere. Everybody felt unjust and deprivation of civilian and political rights. According to their own confessions, the south was treated as an occupied territory.
That war destroyed the legitimacy of the union project. It broke up the engagement between the north and south, in reality and in the hearts, after robbing the south by force. Southern leaders were displaced and got death sentences. July 7th became a national day celebrated annually by Sanaa’s regimen as the festival of “Blood-Baptized Union”. Unions were never established on bloodshed, military force and robbing except for occupation.
We will never forget how tens of thousands of military and civilian leaders were dismissed and displaced. We will never forget how our cultural and political history was wiped out. We will never forget how lands and fortunes of the southern state were robbed. People of the south experienced social and political oppression because of brutal practices and vicious actions taken against them. the whole south became war booty for the north and its lords of war.

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