King Salman’s Visit and Its Consequences on the Southern Cause ‎

Waddah Ben Atia
Waddah Ben Atia

King Salman’s visit to Moscow will change the current situation in Syria and Yemen drastically as this visit may lead to a direct initiative for solution in Yemen. This visit comes after the legitimate government failed to liberate only one governorate in the north. ‎
I think that legitimacy powers will focus on transferring the conflict to the south so that the south appears as if under its control. This will lead the southern transitive council and other independence‎ powers to face this challenge with real popular, military and political acts on the ground
The conflict in the south will clearly appear between two main projects: project of independence supported by the southern transitive council and other liberation powers and the project of the six provinces represented by the Yemeni political parties controlling legitimacy in the ally with some of ‎corrupt southern figures. ‎
When legitimacy transfers the clash from facing Al-Houthi And Efash militias to facing her supposed partners in the south with have serious consequences that may strengthen the power of these militias in Taez and Mareb and they may lead the two cities to fall in their hands. ‎
During the next few months, the south will witness intense work for determination and this calls for‎ all parties to be hand in hand with the southern transitive council to facilitate real actions on the ‎ground leading to success. ‎

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