Lessons from the events of Seyoun

By\ Aidarous Al-Naqeeb

To the act smart ones, who have not ceased to question the unity of the southern stance, today Seyoun and Hadramout valley have their word, and what the sons of the valley said is a summary of what every southerner would like to say, from Sarfit and Nishtoon to Ras al-Ara, Mayun, Zuqar and Socotra.

Those who have a disease in their souls, and Allah has increased their disease, do not want to be convinced that all of the south rejects the results of the invasion of 7/7 and its forces and masters, and they insist that “the Transitional Council wants to spread chaos.”

They do not wish to exhaust themselves in the search for a serious answer to the question: Why do southerners reject them? , because the serious answer will be shocking to them, so they resort to the false answer, which is that “the Transitional Council wants to spread chaos” and forget the tens and hundreds of thousands who are gathering from all sides to respond to the invitation of the leadership of the Southern Transitional Council, and to reject the authority of 7/7, which is still in control in the official decision-making issued in Riyadh, just as it has controlled decision-making issued in Sana’a for a quarter of a century.

Hey you..

Develop your stupidity, and say, for example, that the participants in the Bad event are not all southerners, or that Abu al-Auja’s forces respect democracy and did not kill all protesters.

Of course, this one will not “get down” with you, because no one said that the protesters in Seiyun are all southerners, and because Abu Al-Auja’s forces failed you and chased some of the arrivals to Seiyun, injuring some and arresting some, and cutting off the road to others, but they failed to thwart the effectiveness, so you prefer your chronic stupidity, which is “spreading chaos”.

But we remind you that one day you went out to demonstrate against Ali Abdulah Saleh’s “Afash” regime, before you handed over the flag to the kidnappers of revolutions and legitimacy, and you did not say that this was “spreading chaos”, knowing that the people’s living situation was less bad then than it is today and corruption was less than it is today, in the shadow of your fleeing authority, and this is not a testimony to the regime of Afash, because corruption is corruption and ugliness is ugliness, and the difference is only in two things: the first is that Afash’s regime was practicing its corruption and ugliness from the capital and you practiced your corruption and ugliness while you were on the run, and the second was in size and spread.

Hey you…

Be ashamed of yourselves a little and admit that the south is one, and that you are rejected in the whole of the south, and return to your real fronts to restore your capital and your homes and liberate your citizens from Houthi abuse, as the south no longer accepts to be an alternative homeland for you.

As a matter of logic, a fugitive from his land is not fit to be the ruler of someone else’s land.

Did you understand the lesson or do you want to repeat it tomorrow in Mukalla, Ghaydah and Abyan??

I wish you would understand for once and stop your foolish stubbornness! ! !

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