Mansour Saleh: Two paths govern the partnership between the Transitional Council and the legitimate government

The partnership in the Presidential Leadership Council and the government reflects the political consensus resulting from the Riyadh Agreement and the Gulf Cooperation Council consultations, in order to address the economic and political conditions and confront the Iran-backed Houthi militia.

The partnership between the legitimacy and the Southern Transitional Council includes two paths, the first is economic to address the deteriorating service and living conditions in the southern governorates and the rest of the liberated areas, and the second is to confront the Houthi militia supported by Iran and resolve the battle with it by peace or war.

“Most important of all is the agreement to form the joint negotiating team, and to establish a special framework for the southern issue that ensures its presence as a fundamental issue in the negotiations for a political solution.”

There is clarity for the Southern Transitional Council regarding the partnership, by adhering to the just solution that our people accept, which enables them to restore their state, and that “the people of the South will disagree with any force on the ground that seeks to impose solutions that they do not accept.”

There is also a commitment from the Southern Transitional Council to the outcomes of the Riyadh consultations, regarding the formation of the joint negotiating team that represents the various forces included in the Leadership Council. The negotiating team must be activated and enabled to carry out its tasks, warning that failure to adhere to the agreement to form the negotiating team will make the Council in a state of dissolution. No agreements.

The relationship with the Leadership Council is governed by commitment to the Riyadh Agreement, with regard to the issue of the people of the South, and also depends on the extent to which the economic matrix taken by the government is implemented and the decisions of the Central Bank and the Ministries of Transport, Communications and Planning, against the terrorist Houthi militia.

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