No More Rattles Nor Political Games

Dr. Said Al-Gariri

Dr. Said Al-Gariri

Southern writter
There are still some people who are being deceived by the idea of a southern – southern dialogue. Those politically blind persons think that the salvation of the south is in the impossible consensus – an idea that even God’s prophets didn’t have!! They forget the fact that the southern cause is no longer a matter of disagreement among those who believe in it. Instead, it is a matter of disagreement only among those who don’t believe in it and do their best to kill it in its cradle.
Have you ever heard about a northern – northern dialogue? The northern cause is not a matter of disagreement among them. They are one hand – even when they are fighting each other – against anything that brings political power to the southern cause. They use the southern geographic identity of the followers of Yemeni parties’ members. They use them to stab the southern unity who tries to overcome the sine of 1990 followed by 1994 and 2015 sines.
There are no multiple projects in the south. The only political project is to restore the political independence in the face of the antagonist northern project that seeks to renew the so-called union. This is a pure agreed-upon northern project. So, what southern – southern dialogue do politically blind persons talk about?!!
The project of the northern Yemeni parties in the south is not a southern project. The only political and patriotic project of the south is the southern transitional council that represents the southern patriotic front with one single goal: that is independence and establishment of a free southern state. The project of southern members of northern parties, who are by the way powerless in the southern street except for the power provided to them by their parties to run the conflict in the south on behalf of those parties, is to fake the southern cause as a geographic-based cause and to inflame a southern – southern conflict for dispersing the southern efforts politically and diplomatically. They are trying to frame the southern transitional council as the evil demon. They are trying to fake the southern cause in every regional or international meeting. They are trying to drive you to ask the demonic question: If the president, prime minister of the legitimacy government and even prime minister of the coup government are southern figures, so, what cause is that council talking about? Since 2007, they are making up conflicts as true enemies of the southern cause. They are under the umbrella of Al-Houthi / Efash project. They embrace Al-Houthi, Saleh, Ali Mohsen, Al-Dayoumy and others’ project.
Why would “southern” figure like Hady, Ben Doghr or Habtour, be so valuable to Sanaa unless they are the poisoned dagger that is being used to assassinate the southern dream? Did the south undergo a peaceful struggle followed by a current war just for renewing a resentful era of occupation? The south doesn’t suffer from any conflict. Only those who work for improving the occupation conditions and enforcing the political position that fell since September 21st, 2014, can see that.
It is true that the south may have different visions about the future but under a unified framework of independence. These differences can never weaken the image of the southern transitional council that was born in the field of the revolution. It is illogical to destroy the revolutionary momentum accumulated for years in the south and ignore the southern sacrifices for freedom just to talk with those who don’t believe in the southern cause. Those persons carrying the northern project are delegates of Yemeni parties that once destroyed the north. These parties should be tried, not to be granted another chance to destroy the south as well.

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