Not Division … but … Restoration of a State and Homeland…!

Riyad Al-Falahi Al-Esayi

Riyad Al-Falahi Al-Esayi

Editor of the newspaper Smanews
A dear friend from a neighboring Arab country asked me about the persistence of southern people to restore thier state, wondering that this is part of US-Israeli plan for dividing all Arab countries into smaller states. So, I responded by saying:
Before 1990 there we were a state under the name of Republic of Peoples Democratic Yemen and its seat in UN is still empty till this day. We were a sovereign stated with established geographic borders and ancient history and civilization. But in 1990 we had to get into a union with the Arab Republic of Yemen, to be one state under the name of Republic of Yemen. Conventions were signed, and promises were paid to protect and run our country with justice, integrity and equity.
We entered this union with clear intentions as we offered the union with them when we were only four million while they were eighteen million. We were fully convinced that the union will make us both stronger. We hoped for a full future Arab union. But unfortunately, they abused our intentions and tries to dissolve us like salt in water.
We gave up our capital. We gave presidency for establishing the union. But, with whom? This union was killed in its cradle by Ali Abdullah Saleh, regimen and his associates of the Yemeni Union for Reform Party, the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen. From the very beginning, they betrayed us and assassinated our figures in a cruel way while their crimes are assigned to “unknown killer”!! Hundreds of southern prominent figures were killed like that between 1990 and 1994.
In 1994, we though that we had enough of that union as we discovered their bitter betrayal to all conventions and links of blood. We had to make a courageous and historic decision to restore the Southern Republic of Peoples Democratic Yemen. The decision was made according to a historic precedent of Egypt and Syria when each state assumed its past status when they realized that the union is failing, and everything went back to its path without trouble. But brothers in Northern Yemen didn’t understand that fact and in historic precedent against all international and human laws and conventions, they launched an aggressive war against us and occupied the whole south, although UN and Gulf States were with us and UN Security Council issued two decrees in this concern in Addition to Abha Statement of Gulf States. But all these efforts went in vain.
After occupying Adan and the whole south in 1994, they robbed our resources, dismissed our army, expelled our employees, forced us to emigrate, took our land, farms and factories and gave it to their accomplices, and they treated the south as a war booty. Tens of southlands were killed, arrested or injured, including youth, children, women and elderlies. Our houses were demolished, and our lands were destroyed. Their racial discrimination turned us into strangers in our homeland. They deployed the southern army in the north under the claims of establishing the union. But when the time came in 1994 they killed them in cold blood under their tanks in Sanaa, Amran and Souada.
So, what state are you asking me to stay in union with?! We didn’t claim our state until we experienced all types of agony from this primitive northern state and became fully convinced that this union is a fail.
We were very patient to them from 1994 to 2007 when the Arab South erupted against them in a peaceful public movement against occupation. From 2007 to 2015, we were under horrific suppression. Tens of thousands of martyrs in every southern territory fell while facing the northern bullets. Tens of thousands of captives were sent to jails and concentration camps. Tens of thousands of injured who were crippled severely by torture, bullets and all types of suppression. Then in 2015, with the dawn of “Storm of Determination? Under commandership of the Arab Ally, the armed revolution of the south lit its sparks against this fascistic occupation. Invaders were expelled off our lands but only after they destroyed everything. They consumed us in manner that even Israel didn’t dare to initiate against Palestinian lands. Anyway, we thank God for this glorious victory. Our struggle is continuing until we restore all our rights and declare our Arab Southern State with support of the international society. We pay our thanks for Saudi Arabia and UAE who are leading the Arab Ally. We pay homage to our brave resistance.
I continued: in the south, we have a different identity from the north. We have a different culture and different values. We are asking only for our right according to the international law. We claim the empty seat of our State in the UN. Isn’t that right my dear friend?
He nodded saying: Now I See. It is your right. It is the right of the free south to restore its state. I hope you will victor soon my dear free fellow of the south.

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