Not to forget…

Written by\ Ghazi Al Alawi
We all remember how the marginalized people helped the Houthis in the war of 2015 in many neighborhoods of the capital, Aden, which fell to the Houthis, from reporting the resistance and the theft of citizens’ homes. The number of the marginalized is increasing, and the birth rate among them is large, and they will pose a threat to the demographic structure and may become a majority in the city of Aden in the future.
Jurists believe that the remedies for displacement to Aden and the south lie in:
• Establishing a database of IDPs and strengthening information management systems that support data collection.
• Controlling and monitoring the movement of displacement to the south, careful field monitoring, and assigning each neighbourhood to collect integrated information about all the displaced in their residential neighborhoods.
• Accommodating the displaced in camps far from the large population centers in the city.
• Coordination with the organizations of the United Nations, the coalition countries and the Yemeni government to carry out their duties towards the displaced, by establishing and equipping camps, providing food, housing, health and necessary services, taking care and supervising them.
• Encouraging the return of the displaced to their homes, especially the displaced who have no longer had the reasons for displacement.

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