October… The occupation has no religion

Written by\ Salih Al-Dawil Baras
The celebration of the South in October is not the celebration of political parties, as most of the parties have become shops decorated with banners. The celebration of the South means that the battle is between the north and the south and no partisan “mulberry leaf” will hide it, no matter what their joy, delight, and celebrations reveal of lie of Yemeni parties and their elites about the oneness of September and October revolutions.
This oneness revealed its lie when they thwarted the unity and administrate the South through occupation!!! and they revealed its falsehood in the South by its peaceful movement against the occupation and then by its Southern resistance against the re-occupation in the guise of al-Houthi,
while they refuted it with their tactical withdrawals in front of its legions until they handed it all of the north except a few!! And they refuted it when their legions in the South were still motivated to suppress it, and they did not turn to the fronts to fight the Houthis and Iran’s project, and the South refuted it when it resisted and rejected their brother-hooding and terror, no matter how they tried to implant the two in it.
Their lies were refuted by the blood of the southerners that was shed by their invasions, booby-traps, explosives and terror. It was refuted by the looting of their wealth and expelling them.
It was refuted even by their media in all its forms, so they did not celebrate the Southern October Day except in accordance with their agendas in the South.
They did not celebrate it as the celebration of the Southerners, with its meanings and prospects, because it is a day that does not belong to them and they do not belong to it.
Occupation has no religion but one sect, but it has parties!! and Arab-like slogans and their pride turned in the South into occupation or administration by occupation as described by Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar in one moment of his flirtation with the South in the movement of their change, and the evidence is what the enemies witnessed. This occupation did not exclude any governorate in the South, as the Houthis are like Al-Afashis “people of Ali Abdulah Saleh, former president of Yemen”, as the Brotherhood is. The Brotherhoods headed for their raid of Aden ” Khaybar conquest ” while Sana’a, their capital, is “tarred with green”!! and before them, the Houthi/Afash hordes went to it to reoccupy the South, killing and destroying and to control it. As for their north, the Houthis protect it, their plots, agreements and tactical withdrawals, and historical cities “don’t deserve harm” will not expose them to destruction.

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