On Laquor’s question “who benefits from delaying president’s Hady’s meeting with the transitive council?”

Ali Ben Shanthour
Ali Ben Shanthour

In an essay by Dr. Hussain Laquor Ben Eidan, he posed a question about who benefits from delaying president’s Hady’s meeting with the transitive council, saying that some personnel at the presidency hindered the meeting and the delegation had to leave to Abu Dhabi. It is a fair question actually that reminded me with an ancient proverb “take what is offered and never protest”!!

Here in the south, as it is in all Yemen, we are forced to situations that should never happen, by those who think or even act through political miscalculations. Ali Abdullah Sale, the former president kept refusing to acknowledge the peaceful movement or even the rightful cause of the south until he was out of authority. So, in 2011 he tried to offer the federal solution but the people of the south turned it down.

The system and its political arms including the reformist Party refused permanently any talks about a federal state, and even some of them considered it atheism until in 2014 Abdul Malek Al-Houthi seized Sanaa and authority. Only then, they tried to flirt the south for fear of any talks between Al-Houthi and the southern Movement but it was too late.

As an authority in Sanaa, Al-Houthi movement dared to challenge the south in March 2015, thinking that they can do whatever they want to. They refused to listen to all warnings about not to challenge the south and turned down all calls for talks from the Gulf Cooperation Council before the war. And now, here they are seeking for talks in al-Thahran and Saleh is begging “The Big sister” to talk without even getting a response!!

These extreme attitudes and wrong consultations lead countries to long-term suffering. Only if they listened to the voice of reason they may have avoided suffering and misery.

The legitimate authority waisted several chances for work and getting closer with the southern movement due to their unjustifiable fears that some of the movement of resistance figures may replace them. This is a wrong comprehension of the situation as no one can through the other over. This led them to lose the confidence of the southern people and figures as well.

Similar situations happened in the south too. After Adan’s declaration and assigning general Aidarous al-Zubaidy to form a political leadership, several figures presented initiatives for reconciliation and correcting past mistakes. One of these initiatives was presented by us with thirty other public figures to hold talks between president Hady and the transitive council to ratify any past mistakes or extreme attitudes in Adan’s declaration against president Hady and vice versa. But some thought that this initiative is underestimating this status!!

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