On the Memory of Southern Tolerance and Reconciliation

Written by: Hany Al-Beed – Southern Politician
[su_dropcap]T[/su_dropcap]olerance and Reconciliation represents a national framework and a historical southern achievement that all southern political components believe in with support of the southern people. Therefore, it became a southern social contract that began as a national principle that unified all fields. It is now able to unify the whole south, lands and humans.
The value of this project is in being a major social value for all southern citizens that enabled them to go farther in their pursuit towards restoring their homeland and unify their lines. Through this project they overcame conflicts fed by occupation powers under very difficult and extraordinary conditions.
Accordingly, we should look at and understand Tolerance and Reconciliation not only as a base for treating past residuals of conflicts and failure but also as a major national achievement for the upcoming stage to deal with political work with the required modern thinking and spirit.
Tolerance and Reconciliation represent a major component of national values and principles system that governs the correct southern political structure. The tolerant struggler depends on patriotic values and qualities that will accompany him along his struggle. He will appreciate these values and qualities no matter others try to abuse him.
It is very important to realize that while we are celebrating the memory of Tolerance and Reconciliation, our desired south that appreciates citizenship, humanitarian values and loyalty to martyrs’ message will never be restored unless we honestly understand, apply and spread the culture and values of Tolerance and Reconciliation through putting them into action among our people.

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