Only Right Things Right

Waddah Bin Atia

Member of the Southern National Assembly
Saleh established a sectarian army and made 85% of the army and security forces from Zaidi Shiite Cult. When he decided to become a republican, most of his sectarian forces remained loyal to their cult and their spiritual leader. According to their religious beliefs, Zaidi cult reserve authority and power only for Batenis and Hashemite Leaders and no one else. What is more dangerous is the fact that Zaidi cult is an extremist Shiite cult under control of Al-Houthi group. This is a great danger facing the Arab and Islamic World. The longer they stay in power the more dangerous they become. Solutions can never come from leaders or organizations that created war and crises in Yemen. Therefore, the Arab Ally should support the southern transitional council and secure independence of the south first, then find suitable solutions for the north. Solution in Northern Yemen is to support patriotic powers independent from current authoritative powers, parties or individuals who created the problem in the first place and participated in destruction. These independent powers may appear and gain public support in the Arab Republic of Yemen only if the people figured that they are a better alternative. Choosing the best alternative is the first step towards a real solution.

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