Our People Trespassed Your Red Lines, But Ours Are Drawn with Martyrs’ Blood

Brigadier Muneer Al-Yafeay Abu Yamama

Brigadier Muneer Al-Yafeay Abu Yamama

Commander of Southern Backup and Support Forces

We, carefully, watch, observe and analyze our enemies’ moves. We understand what they want and plan for our reactions. We know well what they want to drag us to. In short, we will never initiate their plans for them. We will never enter a conflict with any fellow southern who carries the project and independence of the south in his heart, no matter our differences are.
Our angry guns are ready for those who want to turn us back to Yemen door. We will always be one hand and one heart. Those who tasted dignity and freedom can never forget glorious men who sacrificed their lives leaving mourning mothers, widowed wives and orphan children. Those men of glory are martyrs of the south and we are following their path, by God’s will and protection. To those who don’t want to understand we say: you have your calculations and our people has his. Aggression against our people is a red line, but not like yours. Your red lines we trespassed by our people because you drew them with your corruption. But ours are permanent because they are drawn by our martyrs’ blood.

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