Pragmatists and Atonement of Reconciliation and Tolerance

Saleh Lotfy

Are hypocrites now paying the atonement of fasting three days or feeding ten poor fellows for abandoning the oath of southern reconciliation and tolerance? Or, do they merely curse the Southern Transitional Council and approach the legitimacy of “Maasheek” temple through selling their principles for office and authority?
I’m very sorry for those pragmatists who sold their principles, national credit and our respect for their attitudes during the southern national struggle for nothing. We hoped that they will keep promoting their attitudes towards the southern cause, especially as most of them grew older and we thought that they were immune against such trash. But here we are seeing them hand in hand with those who invaded our nation and opened it for hyenas.
Is this how things go for them to forget the south and its cause? Is cursing the southern transitional council and southern resistance is the proper price for a position or authority? Is it courageous attitude to deny the southern cause, just like Tawakkol Karman, all along with your people, yourself and your consciousness?
Back to the oath of reconciliation and tolerance, is there an atonement for shedding the forbidden southern blood? Who can kill, in cold blood, his brother just to escape a situation that can be avoided easily? Who can assassinate the heroes who protected the nation, and may even protected that same assassin who may never participated in a real battel before?
It is regretful that southern betray their oaths towards the southern cause. Every southern should know well that our battel against northern tyranny is still going. Success in our cause depends on our unity and faithful work with all dignified southern forces to keep our pursuit going towards liberation.
At the end, two messages I send:
The first is to those pragmatists who trade off the martyrs’ blood, as Gobran Khalil Gobran once said “we know the sources of those sorcerers who respect only mightier sorcerers, those who put their heads in baskets and sell it for the first buyer. We would like to tell them that awls only like to hear its cawing”.
The second is to leaders of southern resistance: Those who martyred under your command paid their blood for the dignity and freedom of this land. They never thought that some blood traders will trade off their blood for their self-interests. They knew that their blood will flourish in other martyrs for generations. Their blood is not the price for someone to be a leader. They don’t regret their deeds. They only regret such pragmatic deeds.
In conclusion, the 14th October even in Al-Mualla is a clear embodiment of the southern unity. It is the coronation of our struggle and homage paid for the soles and bloods of martyrs. By this event we support the southern resistance and its leadership. By this event we find our path toward freedom and independence.

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