President Al-Zubaidi mobilizes support for the southern cause internationally

Written by Mansour Saleh
The participation of the President of the Southern Transitional Council in the meetings of the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly carries a major political benefit, as it is the first presence of a southern leader carrying the project of liberation and independence in an international gathering at this level.

The importance of President Al-Zubaidi’s presence at the United Nations does not depend on his attendance at the 78th session of the United Nations Assembly, but rather extends to a general session that discusses various issues, but rather what was made available to him and the accompanying delegation on the sidelines of the session.

President Al-Zubaidi held many meetings with officials, leaders of countries, and heads of delegations, discussing the situation in Yemen and the South in particular, expressing his keenness to mobilize the necessary support for the cause of the people of the South, and their right to self-determination and the restoration of their state.

The leaders of the world countries deal with the political leadership of the southern project without embarrassment, as a recognized legitimate component, and there is great importance in presenting the demands of the people of the South to the international community.

There is a need to find a clear political map that addresses all issues, at the forefront of which is the issue of the people of the South, as it is a fundamental basis for the conflict in the region, and any peace or settlement without reaching a just and equitable solution to the issue of the South will not succeed, and may be the gateway to a more dangerous conflict to come.

The issuance of two United Nations resolutions related to the southern issue, namely Resolutions 924 and 931, issued during the war of occupation against the South in 1994, in addition to the Riyadh Agreement, which adds an international dimension to the southern issue, protecting it from any patchwork solutions and settlements that bypass this issue or jump on the aspirations and struggles of the people of the South.

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