Professional Forgers of History

Dr. Aidarous Al-Naqueeb

Dr. Aidarous Al-Naqueeb

Southern writer and politician

For a whole week, and may be another week to come, Qatari Al-Jazeera TV Channel dedicated most of its programs to Adan sorrowful events during January 28-30-2018. For all programs, talks didn’t deal with causes of the problem, who started violence, who shot the first bullet, who started killing unarmed civilians or even the ugly statement of the ministry of interior affairs that clearly indicated the ministry’s readiness to declare war against anyone who demands its resignation, in an illegal act that even their grandmaster Affash didn’t dare to do while he was in full power, not mentioning that three quarters of this government didn’t visit Adan for decades now. Close observation of Al-Jazeera speech indicated that:
• All those who talked on behalf of the government or called for supporting it were not from Adan or even from the south. Most of them were invaders of 1994 war, their relatives or their supporters. We can’t expect any fair, or even close to fair, point of view from them, even if they claimed to be neutral. When the witness is the same aggressor, then where is justice? Son of Adan have a proverb saying “the aggressor, the witness and the judge are all Somalians” with all respect to our Somalian brothers.
• All those who talked on behalf of the authority or called for supporting it didn’t mention the cause of the problem; that is citizens’ accusations of corruption against the government and demanding its dismissal after its failure in fulfilling its most obvious responsibilities like providing citizens of Adan with daily life needs, known for more than a century now, including electricity, fresh water, health care, sanitation services and else, not mentioning it deliberate prevention of employees’ salaries. At the same time prime minister transfers more than 6 billion riyals to US Dollars and depositing them in external banks and paying half a billion to the Conference Party leaders who escaped from Al-Houthi hunt down, he fails to pay salaries of Adan’s employees leaving them suffer the consequences of his corruption and failure.
• All those who talked on behalf of the government or called for supporting it jumped over all events and premises, including the ugly statement of the ministry of interior affairs and its deliberate killing of protesters in Al-Oroud Square. They chose only to talk about demonstrators’ breaking into the headquarters of the government’s secretary general as a sign of coup and desire to seize power of president Hady’s legitimacy. They intentionally ignored the statement of the southern transitional council and the southern resistance to president Hady, as a legitimate president, demanding to dismiss this corrupt and failure government and bringing its leaders to the courts of justice because of their deliberate crimes. They also intentionally ignored the the statement of the ministry of interior affairs that clearly indicated the ministry’s readiness to declare war against anyone who demands its resignation. They also ignored that the ministry of interior affairs ordered its troops to shoot civilians before a single armed supporter of the council appears. They ignored the fact that all that came after was a reaction towards such irrational acts.
• One of the funniest thing I have ever heard was that Aidarous Al-Zubaidy is an Iranian agent and he had his military training in Iran and that is why Ali Abdullah Saleh dismissed him from the army. We are not obliged to say that Al-Zubaidy graduated from the military college and was appointed as a lecturer in it after graduation because of his excellence, according to world academic traditions followed by institutes of the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen at that time. He was dismissed, with thousand other southern officers after the invasion in 1994 because of the victor/defeated duality, not because of Iran, who by the way was a strong ally to Saleh’s regimen at that time. But what is funnier is the saying that he is an Iranian agent while he was the leader of the only successful campaign against the Iranian project in Yemen. A funny friend, when he heard such talks, advised those whose bedrooms are still under control of Al-Houthis saying: if anyone who trained in Iran may do what Al-Zubaidy did, then go and train in Iran to liberate your territories from the Iranian project and its supporters instead of blaming honorable people for being honorable.
• One of the speakers once attacked president Hady after al-Houthi invasion to Sanaa and accused him of failure and conspiracy against the martyr “Al-Kushaiby”, but he changed his mind after the storm of determination with all its generous payments. That person accused the southern transitional council to be a power seeker. He doesn’t know that none of the council’s members even thinks of accepting a position in a government that, for its bad reputation, can’t even meet a citizen or talk to a war injured, not mentioning that it led the Yemeni riyal to its lowest level ever with one US Dollar equals more than 500 Yemeni riyals. He doesn’t know that the cause of the council is much bigger than claiming a position or asking for a raise. It is a cause of a nation, a destiny of people and a matter of identity with its history and future.
Such pretenders can never understand such things. They are professional forgers of facts in the ugliest, most ignorant and most stupid way ever. But as we all know, God creates such weird creatures to make us think of his will and thank him for his graceful gifts of reason.

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