Public Escalation

Dr. Aidarous Nasr El-Nakeeb
Dr. Aidarous Nasr El-Nakeeb

Websites, financed by those who are loyal to so-called legitimacy, are overcrowded with news about supporters of the southern transitional council who are trying to break through Maasheek Palace. This is how they try to frame public protests against the deliberate sabotaging of citizens’ daily life.
In my last article I dealt with deterioration of daily life in Adan and other governorates and the arrogance of government supporters who claim that this failure government is creating miracles!! They even don’t feel shame for more than 12 hours of blackout in Adan. They don’t feel shame about unprecedent deterioration of services under this clumsy government.
This time, protests came under the name of public escalation. It is not a childish game with this failure government. It is for real, a public movement that will even grow bigger during the next few days because it results from the hell of misery.
What was left for Adan without being corrupted? All basic services from electricity to salary payment became in a real mess, not mentioning the deliberate stop of Adan airport, Adan seaport and Adan refinery in addition to Adan tv and all other vital facilities.
Public escalation is a legal movement and its supporters have the right to claim their lives. They are moving peacefully and legally for restoring their basic human rights. They have the right to protest against a government that is fooling its citizens and claims legitimacy without any intention to fulfill responsibilities entitled by this word.
I don’t expect the government will respond properly to citizens’ demands as it has nothing to give. Corrupt elements of this government who are still in ally with 1994 forces treat the south as enemies and can never allow legal demands for southern citizens. This is the truth in the poorest place on earth. These basic human right are considered as impossible demands in the eyes of government that doesn’t even think of providing cholera patients with draught treatment solutions!!! A government with influential persons who are racing for monopolizing food and medicine to sell it in the black market just to add a few more billions to their bank accounts.
Two more words to those who criticize this movement:
Public escalation movement is not seeking to seize authority abut demands a government capable of treating problems of the south with more professional efficient personnel who enjoy integrity. Of course, this doesn’t mean abandoning the demands of restoring the southern state, but this strategic demand may come later.
Protesters should define a limit to movements of the public under conditions of peacefulness. They shouldn’t allow cranky persons or intruders to distort its legal and shiny face.
To they who try to distort this peaceful movement I say, let’s go on our path and let them bark like dogs.

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