Recent Southern Victories … A Message to the Arab Ally

Hamdy Al-Amoudy

Hamdy Al-Amoudy

a southern media activist
Recently, we witnessed actual glorious victories achieved by the heroes of the southern resistance on all fronts of honor against the Iranian invasion that carried destruction and death to northern and southern governorates. These victories will be memorized in the history of struggle against the dark forces that fight our will to freedom. History will remember the heroes of the southern resistance who defended their lands and way of life against any invader.
The actual situation on the ground indicates clearly that the southern resistance is achieving continuous victories not only in the south but also on the northern fronts. These victories led to liberating vast territories in the north from the control of Al-Houthi militias, putting an end to the Iranian invasion to the north. This is a clear message to the whole world that the southern resistance is kin to restore control over all lands previously controlled by Al-Houthi and to cut all Iranian hands that try to manipulate our destiny in the Arab World. The southern resistance will never hesitate in fighting evil powers till victory is achieved.
This means that the establishment of the southern state is a right that should be granted as the southern resistance forces proved to the whole world, especially the Arab Ally, that they are able to protect the Arab national security as a safety lock against ant vicious invasion while other forces only take the Ally’s money to spend it recklessly on food and luxury in their air-conditioned camps.
The bitter thing is to see some media tool attributing these victories to feeble forces that never left their camps ignoring the real heroes who sacrificed their lives for the safety and the security to the whole Arab region. This lack of honesty, integrity and professional consciousness is the shameful truth of some Arab media tools. But truth will prevail, sooner or later.
Our southern resistance is achieving victories while other forces take the Ally’s money and spend it in vain. Search for the truth and actual victories will appear on the pages of history, written by the southern resistance martyrs’ blood. Blood never lies.

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