Rejoiced by Regional Division and Gulf Conflicts!!!

Ali Ben Shanthour
Ali Ben Shanthour


In previous articles, before the liberation of Adan and until the start of the gulf conflict, I asked everyone, especially in the south, to let rejoicing the gulf conflict and regional division, as it could be a disaster and those who rejoiced once will soon understand that they are victims.

Unfortunately, no one wants to hear the voice of reason and the majority likes twisted truth. Therefore, every nation deserves what is happening to its people as at least more than half of those people don’t distinguish between temporary emotions and reasonable thinking in the future.

They rejoiced the Arab conflict in the gulf and think that they will escape its consequences. Some of them only seek vengeance and simultaneous gains. Furthermore, they are willing to cooperate with the devil for vengeance!!!

The longer the war is, the more its conflicts arise, and the more situations change as a natural path of events. Political interests are not stable, and this may reflect the failure of those countries who formed an ally and lost its solidarity for it before achieving tangible objectives that satisfy the public.

In such a situation, honest people take all the blame as all roads are blocked for him while the same roads are open for hypocrites or for those who are fortunate enough!!

Those who don’t have the vision to distinguish between truth and lies or between political differences and religious, patriotic, national, Arab and Islamic core principles, it is better for them not to play politics. Politics don’t mean lies or hypocrisy, like some empty mouths thinks. Instead, it means flexibility, wisdom and maintaining good morale and ethics. So, when could political leadership differentiate what is available from what is unavailable?  When could they distinguish between their politics and people’s daily life?

When could we hear good news of Arab peace and consistency? When could we feel dignity in an Arab world that doesn’t sell delusions instead of truth? When can we stop complaining our situations because of those who keep lying to us?



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