Reveal Your True Face General!!

Nadia Abdullah Al-Muliky

Southern writer

Yesterday, they threatened the south with death and war under the notion of their so-called union. They hailed for Affash in one of his arrogant speeches after he saw with his own eyes the rise of the southern revolution led by the southern peaceful movement then. That revolution grew bigger till we reached the day of death for your delusions. It was the day of great victory when the historic declaration of Adan was announced. You tried to fail it several times. You tried to create a southern/southern division. But you failed. You threatened southern leaders and tried to force them to leave. You described them as separators while it was never separation. It is disengagement as we were never one state even if you claimed the contrary. Your Arab Republic of Yemen was never mentioned as a resistance force against occupation of any kind.
Today, after years of your defeat and agony of losing your power, your so-called general declares that the modern state is coming!! His mouth is full of lies and his words are socked in hatred. He tries to cover his crimes under bright words that smell like dirt. So, to your so-called general we say: calm down general. The south is the land of courage and heroes. You know that well as you remember the years of your unjust and hatred that led you to dismiss employees just for being southern till you reached your criminal acts of killing and arresting honorable citizens just for being southern. You remember well all types of destruction you initiated against the south and his people.
History will dismiss you general and what might remain of you is your ugly face and ugly manners with the evidence of your war crimes. You will be remembered as a symbol of envy, betrayal and vicious intent till the world comes to an end. Don’t wait for us to forget your crimes general. You burnet our lands, homes and children. You killed our youth, elderly and women. But the southern will is still strong, by God’s will, and it will defeat you over and over again as it did recently, even without using lethal weapons. It is the southern will that will destroy your arrogance as it grew stronger every time you tried to break it. Remember general, every time you tried to break us you broke on us.
Keep your announcements to your people, as the southern people is a people of culture, civilization and dignity. We never knew crime or ignorance. We are fed up with your lies and vicious acts. So, wake up general and keep your announcements to your newspapers so that you can feed your arrogance and cover your defeat under cheap words.
Keep away from the south. Southern soil is more sacred than you or any of your war criminals and associates can touch again. The south is father than the sun to you. Regardless how arrogant and vicious you and your associates are, your end is here by the will of the southern people. Barbarians like you will always be cursed in history no matter false victories they achieved.
I feel pity for you general, although pity doesn’t fit with criminals. You tried to kill our dreams, our past and our future but you only managed to burn your own dreams. Please keep silent general as you don’t know any thing about those mourning mothers of martyrs you killed in 1994 and in 2015 till you are defeated in the south. You don’t know why we keep rising our southern flags by the hands of elderly, young and even children. You are still delusional with your union hallucinations. You are still dreaming about your victories over the south in the services war you started to make us kneel. Shame on you general when you think of such an act as victory. Shame on you when you threaten us with either death or the union.
Enough of your announcements and your arrogant dreams that will kill you one day. Enough of your trials to approach the south that will remain too far to reach ass long as we are still breathing. Enough of your lies and criminal acts that will follow you to your grave. Enough general and keep your mouth shut just to decrease your feelings of defeat. Enough and wake up of your hallucinations and remember that only God can write the end which in your case, I think it will be very bitter.

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