Rights Can’t Be Achieved merely by Hopes … Rights Require Arms!!!

Ghassan Lockman

Southern writer
It is clear that the legitimacy government don’t want a self-managed south, just to continue its robbery, fraud and corruption, while the majority of the southern people support the decisions of the southern transitional council. The current conflict in Adan is not a southern/southern conflict. Instead, it is a conflict between the southern people in one hand and the corrupt government and traitors of the southern cause in the other.
For three years now, the south didn’t achieve anything. For how long should we wait more? The hundred miles road starts with a step and the step was taken. Some people mock the southern people for initiating the overthrowing of the corrupt government. I wonder how those traitors of the southern cause can’t see corrupts. But there is nothing strange in person who lives in corruption not see it!! Those who grow up under Affash corruption can never see any wrong in corruption.
First steps are vital. They may be difficult or unorganized but necessary. The Arab Spring is still in its beginning and it is not even close to its end. So, don’t let obstacles decrease your morale.

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