Robing Everyone’s State!!!

Saleh Ali Al-Doail

Saleh Ali Al-Doail

Southern writer
Muslim Brotherhood Efforts of Empowerment through robing everyone’s state is just like imposing De Facto authority by Al-Houthi coup. In both cases, the everyone’s state becomes a state of a group or a brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood are trying to steal the state through seizing its legitimacy while Al-Houthis try to impose De Facto on the state. Both projects are not concerned with the welfare of the state and both represent coup.
Muslim Brotherhood work hard to create the brotherhood’s state through its political arm, the Reform Party, that managed to impose empowerment over the legitimacy. Both say they respect and accept the other. Al-Houthi only accepts the other if this “other” surrenders to Al-Houthi’s racism. Muslim Brotherhood also accept that “other” if he surrenders to empowerment without a fight and becomes a slap for their project to walk on.
According to “Priorities” principles of the brotherhood, to empower the brotherhood through legitimacy, they should split into two voices. One voice is against the legitimacy and the Coalition. This voice should accuse the Coalition to be an occupation through media tools loyal to Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey and Qatar. The other voice will stick to the legitimacy and the Coalition. Even, it condemns its twin partner just to penetrate and achieve the pursuit of empowerment. For that purpose, Mareb should be the stable model while Adan should represent chaos.
This is not a random accusation. Facts say that they are more concerned with stability of Mareb, as a tribal conservative less complicated governorate, to represent a model that may take lights away from Adan, the more civilized, more diverse and more advanced society. They want Adan to appear as an unstable city with car bombs, assassinations and terrorist attacks just to cover its revolution and its cause. Mareb will coexist with terrorism. This coexistence indicates the fact that terrorism is either the military wing of the brotherhood’s empowerment or it is one of its ranks. Their priority indicates that Taiz should either fall or become another slap in the empowerment pathway. Their priority is to determine empowerment before any military determination. The Arab Coalition realized that and brought an effective player to Taiz, instead of Taiz itself.
They controlled all the legitimacy ministries abroad. They even controlled the office of the president, armed forces and security forces. They also dared to call it legitimacy!!! They controlled human aids and ran it for their benefits. Any one who doesn’t accept that in the south is either loyal to Al-Houthi, even if he was among those who fought Al-Houthis, or he is lounging to colonization. Those who don’t accept their empowerment are either infidel socialists or illegal militias, even if these forces were created by decrees of the legitimate president. They are either gangs or mutineers if they refuse to turn themselves into slaps that pave the way to their empowerment.

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