Slap of Abyan..!

Written by\ Salah Al-Saqladi
The dangerous rehearsal that aimed to stir up chaos and sedition and seize one of the southern military camps in Abyan governorate, which was launched by the internal and external parties that established the so-called Shield of the Nation forces, failed miserably due to the awareness and courage of the people of this heroic governorate of military, civilian and security.
After the failure of the attempt to control the Special Forces camp (or what became known as Al-Awban camp) with the power of arrogance and barbarism, the Ministry of Interior, under the direction of Al-Alimi and regional parties, issued a decision to dismiss the staff of the Special Forces, Brigadier General Abdul Hakim Al-Kazmi, and appoint in his place an element loyal to those parties, but it was soon aborted. This is an attempt, with its military and administrative sides, after which those intruding forces will be expelled and things will be restored to their previous state.
What happened is a strong slap and a message to those concerned that any attempt to undermine the southern forces and push them into a narrow corner and try to provoke them on behalf of other parties will not go unnoticed and will be dealt with firmly, as happened today.
So be careful not to play with the lion’s tail, you fools.

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