Stable and Patient… No Matter You Do or Try

Prof. Dr. Abd Al-Nasser Al-Wally

Prof. Dr. Abd Al-Nasser Al-Wally

Southern politician
Observing Adan today, you may feel annoyed by that massive media machine that only spreads frustration among citizens. They create crises in salaries, fuel or prices and try to attribute it to another party. We all know who is pulling the strings when a relevant solution of the southern cause appears in the horizon as any fair or just solution will never suite their vicious intents. They say that Adan is unsafe, and we say ok leave us to secure it as we can. They talk about southern conflicts, and we say ok leave us to settle our conflicts down. We disagree on one point: federation or disengagement, but we are aware of the pressures on those who advocate federation and types of threats they are under just not to join their people in the south in disengagement. We say ok, let’s listen to the people through referendum and designment advocates will be unconditionally committed with its results. Let the authority agree on referendum and then electoral boxes will talk. They talk about territorial conflicts. Fine, leave us alone or at least shut down your unfriendly media and we will make our agreements. Salaries should be dealt with according to different mechanisms in liberated and unliberated areas. But your deeds only increase our determination to disengage. Our hunger will never exceed what happened in 2015 and our oppression will never exceed the past 20 years. Free up fuel and all electricity, water, telecommunications and sanitation crises will end. Adan can never remain a hostage of such invented crises. You who are in power after Ali Abdullah Saleh in the beloved north, if you want to reoccupy the south then wake up of your delusions. Live by your own way and leave us to live by our own. Your union is not sacred, and your federation is inaudible to us. You don’t own ultimate truth. We promise you that we will be patient and stable as we always be. And at the end, victory is for us.

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