Stop Numbing the Southern Will

Dr. Nasser Thabet Sufian Al-Khabjy

Dr. Nasser Thabet Sufian Al-Khabjy

Member of the Southern Transitional Council and Chairman of the Political Department
We realize the severe pressures towards ending the war and return to the political solution as the military solution is not at hand in the near future because of several reasons that any observer can conclude easily. The Arab Ally rushed towards lobbying the ousted Saleh and convinced him to break up with Al-Houthi militias in Sanaa and to lead a public uprising from inside Sanaa. But this ended dramatically with the killing of Saleh in that horrible way and what came forth as Al-Houthi militias started its revenge and terrorized all powers loyal to Saleh as a threat against any action against Al-Houthi.
Actually, the Arab Ally is running out of options after the death of Saleh and it seems that the Ally decided approach the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the Reform Party, and provided them a new chance to face Al-Houthi in Sanaa. This may be the last chance for military determination to eliminate the militias and return President Hady as a legitimate president in Sanaa.
But this sudden approach between the Arab Ally and Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen is not a mere meeting as represented in the media. The truth may lie in what is still unannounced. There may by agreements, conditions and promises that are usually are not revealed officially and remained as temporary secrets. This may be revealed later when the time comes for final results, negative or positive. Till here, everything remains the same with the stagnation of the war scenes and the increase of suffering among people with economic failure, epidemics and collapse of all aspects of life. Unless major changes happen on the ground, especially for clearing Sanaa off Al-Houthi militias by military actions, everything will remain the same and failure will even spread more.
Here in the south, the southern transitional council and every single person of the southern people should work according to the worst-case scenario. We should know well that Muslim Brotherhood and all other northern powers have a top-priority before facing Al-Houthi. Their real target is anyone who carries the southern cause and southern project. This is exactly what is happening today with the southern transitional council, just as what happened before with the southern resistance and the southern movement. This is the imbedded message of the formal and non-formal media speech of the Muslim Brotherhood. This direct and unjustified hostility against the southern project and its leaders clearly indicates that Muslim Brotherhood is against stability and liberation of the southern governorates. It clearly shows a direct or indirect involvement in disturbing public security and peace.
This puts all southern leaders, with all their political and social convections, in the face of a real challenge to preserve and protect the victories of the south achieved by a high blood price. Either they victor the blood of martyrs and the southern cause through seeking full independence of the southern state or to surrender to others’ will.
The southern people and southern revolution were the first to welcome the “Storm of Determination” unconditionally since its declaration. The south devotedly resisted and created the first achievement of the storm of determination through liberating cities and governorates of the south, not last of them are Bihan and Osilan. The southern resistance reached Al-Makha and Al-Hodeida inside the territories of the Arab Republic of Yemen as an active expression of unity of destiny between the southern people and his brothers in the Arab Ally. Wee hope that this is clear to the Arab Ally. But after all these achievements, the southern people is not treated as an active partner according to a clear vision, neither from the legitimacy government nor from the Arab Ally. This vague strategy is a manifestation of political changes.
Therefore, policies and allies should be reconsidered according to real intentions and acts. The southern resistance and southern leaders proved their good will by blood and this deserves reconsidering a political agreement and a guaranteed future vision. If this is not considered, then stop numbing the southern will and let the south expresses his project and future political relations with those he thinks are strategic allies.

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