Ten Points Against Legitimacy

Waddah Ben Atia
Waddah Ben Atia

If the international conference doesn’t trust the legitimacy to run a bank, then how can the people‎ recognize high-rank positions distributed by nepotism by the same legitimacy?!!!‎
If the UN delegate to Yemen says that the southern cause should be solved, this means that the le‎gitimacy didn’t solve it, as they claimed, through the national dialogue conference ‎
If the legitimacy could not control Taez, and the city’s real resistance (Abu Al-Abbas Platoons) became under siege of legitimacy authorities, then how can it control both the north and south together?‎
If there is no single minister of the legitimacy who didn’t employ one of his relatives in high offices‎, this means the legitimacy violated the outcomes of the national dialogue conference that it called‎ as one of its basic principles ‎
If the legitimacy could not contract with anyone else except Al-Essa, for providing Adan with Fuel, i‎n spite of his long-term crisis, this means that legitimacy is kidnapped by gangsters ‎
If the legitimacy promotes failures like Al-Makdeshy and dismiss successes like Ben Brik, this means that it has no place for the honest
If the legitimacy announced two years ago that resistance will be part of military and security forces, then why didn’t this decision become active till now? And who is the legitimacy army with more ‎than 425 thousand soldiers while most fronts are under control of non-enlisted resistance members‎?‎
If the legitimacy is establishing a new giant project every week and at the same time refuses to pay employees’ salaries, isn’t that a sale for illusions? ‎
If high-rank legitimacy leaders are wanted internationally due to their support for terrorism, how can the world be convinced that legitimacy can secure its territories? ‎
If high-rank legitimacy leaders participated in destroying the north and south, how can people be ‎convinced with them as alternatives while their history is worse than the militias’ !!‎

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