Thank you, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council

Written by\ Fadhl Al-Jaadi
Thank you for getting your grudges off your chest. And because you didt the i’s and crossed the t’s and shortened the distances, it’s we who decide how to end the scene; it’s in our hands, and we have to be at the same level of frankness and clarity as you.

No need to mention the vast difference between our national cause and yours. Your cause lies in sharing power, but ours is restoring a homeland. Our cause is deeply enrooted in the hearts and consciences of the people and has turned into a road map for the people of the South, who have been suffering calamities and bitterness since the invasion of the South in the tyrannous war of 1994, and none stands in their way but triumph, and nothing will be accepted but victory, the cause of blessed martyrs whose pure blood was shed in the fields and squares during the revolution of the southern peaceful movement, then on the frontlines against the Houthi militia with flying colours, and obtaining many political and military gains throughout the eight years. It is far from fair to compare a just cause aimed at restoring the state with one that did not live up to its promise to preserve the state and did not have the guts or determination to liberate even a little hill, free a village, or a single house for eight long years, as is the real designation of the North Frontlines, but ‘surrender and flee’, despite the huge amount of support and backing they have received.

Here, we are not going to give more details on the cause of the South, as it has become crystal clear as to its status and presence, which are not negatively affected by such statements. But it is terribly surprising that the mentality of the 1994 war gangs and their negative position on the cause of the South, which is being defiantly repeated, are ripping the bandaid off and deceiving in classifying it as a marginal issue that will be resolved within the framework of the lost state, which will never ever be accepted by the people of the South, neither coping up with this phase nor belonging to the based consensual political sharing and partnership under the Riyadh Agreement, as well as implicitly overriding the outcomes of the consultations sponsored by the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

It was agreed on the importance of expediting the execution of the remaining provisions in the mechanism of implementation of the Riyadh Agreement and the formation of a follow-up team to achieve this execution. Moreover, it was agreed to include the cause of the people of the South in the agenda of the negotiations to cease the war and to put a specific negotiating framework for it in the comprehensive peace process.” The STC no longer accepts less than equal representation within the negotiating team in terms of legitimacy and not as a mere representative.

What was disclosed in that statement may establish a new round of conflict with the people of the South and devilish cunning attempts to undermine and unheed the ultimate sacrifices of the people of the South, whose pure a blood has been shed on the frontlines and with terrorism, at a time when Houthi governs as a de facto authority in the North and is the only one to gain from such statements and positions, and you are all the biggest losers, indeed.

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