The 6th session of the National Assembly is path establishes restoration of the state

Written by\ Eyad Ghanem.

The National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) is holding its 6th session during 21-22-May. in Mukalla, the capital of Hadramout of the peace, goodness, love and harmony, it is the heartbeat of the South. It is the most prominent national historical event, and a place that draws everyone’s attention, follow-up, and anticipation at the domestic and foreign levels, because of the great importance this session represents, as it comes in the midst of great victories, achievements, and gains that the STC was able to achieve, and in light of internal and external changes and developments, transformations of regional and international positions, and the relentless and accelerated endeavors of international efforts seeking to bring about a comprehensive peace process.

The sixth session of the National Assembly acquires special importance because it came at an important time, after a real assessment of the reality on the ground, an outlook for the future, and a realistic reading of the events that enabled the STC to bring about changes, make a quantum leap for the cause of our people, and make a positive impact within the framework of the home front after accomplishing his great national mission of conducting the Southern National Dialogue, which launched its work in its expanded consultative meeting during the 4-7 of May in the capital, Aden, with the participation of all components, forms of the comprehensive spectrum, and southern personalities.

It is an event that the people of the south have been waiting for during a long time, and its birth came as a translation of the sincere orientations and national will of His Excellency the President of STC, President Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, who made great efforts, and formed committees for dialogue to accomplish this historic mission, to consolidate the principles of reconciliation and tolerance on the ground from the principle that the south is for all the people of the south, and its Southern Dialogue Committee has completed the task perfectly, and it exerted its best efforts for two full years, which led to everyone’s sitting at one table, drafting the Southern National Charter, signing it, and announcing it, which represented a road map for all the southern powers towards building the independent federal southern state with all the people of the South, and it contained a set of legal foundations and principles that guarantee the right to get a dignified and a safe life for the southern citizen, and to rebuild the human being scientifically, intellectually and educationally, and to get his right in development and advancement.

The convening of the 6th session comes at moments in which the spirit of optimism full of hope mixed with the will of pride and the spirit of belonging to the political bearer of the cause of the people of the South, it is the Southern Transitional Council, which bears upon itself the responsibility of carrying the revolutionary will of the southern people, entrusts the responsibility to achieve the desired goal in historical moments and difficult circumstances.

We are all confident that the 6th session is an important historical event, and a title that establishes a new phase of national action on the path to achieving the goal of restoring the state, and to build firm bases to face the challenges, and to obtain the upcoming entitlements, and announce surprises that contribute to modernizing the mechanism of the internal institutional work of the STC, and to invent new means and methods that contribute to achieving the goal of the people of the south at the lowest cost, and all of that contributes to alleviating the suffering of the southern citizen, and the departure of the forces of the first military region, the empowerment of the Hadhrami elite to rule, and their full control over the entire geographical area of ​​the governorate to achieve stability and security in it.

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