The army of the South is our pride

Written by: Alaa Adel Hanash
The anniversary of the Southern Army’s Day has a special place in the hearts of the people of the South, because that Southern Army had moves and dealings that dazzled the world, and we remember, with pride, the Southern Army’s victories that resounded around the world.
Today marks the 51st anniversary of the Southern Army’s Day, the South possesses solid and patriotic armed forces, which have achieved great victories, and our valiant southern armed forces were able to defeat several parties (Houthi, Brotherhoods, and terrorist), and they have become a difficult number that is impossible to be overcome in the war equation.
Therefore, every Southerner has the right to be proud of our Southern armed forces as he/she likes. It is enough that our valiant southern national forces have become a shield against anyone who allows himself to go far over the people of the South, their cause, land and wealth.
Greetings to the heroes of our southern armed forces on every front and every part of the southern land, and we express our pride in them, and our gratitude for their steadfastness, courage, valor and victories that make the southern head proudly high.

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