The “Conference” … A Wolf in a Lamb’s Fur!!

Mansour Saleh

Southern Writer

Nearly a month ago, cries of the leaders of the General Public Conference Party reached all ears complaining about Al-Houthi acts against them as if this is a whole new fashion in politics!!! Suddenly, they complain about being imprisoned, suppressed and denied off their political, democratic and legal rights!!! Suddenly after the killing of their leader, they tasted humiliation, marginalization, suppression and injustice. Suddenly they looked up meanings of justice, freedom, equity and oppression in their dictionaries and in the constitution!!
Suddenly they remembered all that but forgot that they built prisons. They invented injustice, oppression and marginalization. They destroyed the constitution and tailored to to fit their leader and his son through their parliament, elected by forgery. Under direct supervision and directions of the Conference Party, 80% of the constitution of the union state was amended just to remain in power for ever.
After a month of Saleh’s killing, his family and supporters keep complaining of Al-Houthi attacks to his houses and confiscation of huge amounts of money and scandalous video tapes for his political rivals to humiliate and blackmail them and finally to turn them into talking puppets that only sing for his glory!! They forgot that Saleh and his troops broke into the south, robbed its fortunes and killed men, women children and elderly in Adan, Lahj, Abian and Al-Dalea. For 25 years, they humiliated honorable political leaders in way that never happened between a president and his supposed people, by the constitution.
It is a joke when “Mahdy” complaines that Al-Houthi attacked his house and robbed antiques, that are not supposed to be in the house of an illiterate military commander who doesn’t know the difference between hi and hay !!! all his qualifications is being a member of Senhan Tribe and of course loyal to Saleh!! This same man came to the south in his tank and robbed lands that exceed the size of a friend Gulf State. The same man enjoyed playing God in the governorates under his military occupation.
A month ago, members of the Conference Party are trying to reintroduce themselves as a deeply-rooted effective political party, forgetting that they are the main source of political corruption and state’s money abuse. They destroyed democracy by falsification and mobilizing military brigades from one place to another just to ensure elections’ results for their own good. An example of that is a university professor who lost the elections for a drug dealer in Eb.
A month ago, they started weeping on the state and its organizations. They forgot that they were the first enemy of the state when they killed the state project introduced by the socialist party after Yemeni union in 1990. They are the man cause of generalizing corruption, injustice, poverty and hunger.
For sure, Al-Houthi militias don’t represent the state project that guarantees the dignity of Yemeni people. But at the same time, the Conference Party is not the political ideal that should be pursuit. Instead, it is time to get rid of that negative political experience. It is the right of some of its members, who are really honorable, to form a new political entity, away from corruption, bribery and public money abuse.

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