The Council that Caused Them Headache

Dr. Aidarous Al-Naqueeb

Dr. Aidarous Al-Naqueeb

Southern politician

The council made them confused. They don’t even know what to say about it. They say: “it is a small faction of the southern movement”. At the same time, they mobilize tens of websites and hundreds of writers and political analysts to slander it.
They accused the council of being willing to share authority while they knew well the political opinions of its leaders, even when they were in office.
They accused the council of leading a coup against legitimacy while they know well that its leaders and supporters are the ones who liberated the lands and could hang on it, but instead, they delivered it back to the legitimate authority that failed in managing its simplest files like services and security.
They accused the council of serving the agenda of a foreign country and its leaders frequently visit that country. At the same time, they forget that they write their articles and announce their releases from a sister country that provides them not only with visiting visa but also with residence, pocket money and protection while no one accuses them that they serve its agenda.
God bless the sole of the late Egyptian thinker “Farag Foda” who said: the first thing I do when getting up in the morning is to read what my foes wrote about me. If they praised them or even didn’t curse me, I immediately revise my behavior asking myself “what did I do wrong?”
When trivial and deceitful ones curse you, be sure that you are on the right path. So. Let them curse and keep walking

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