The Excellent Work of Shabwa Elites

Written by: Nasser Al-Ba Bakri – Member of the Southern National Assembly
[su_dropcap]I[/su_dropcap]n Shabwa, weapons were part of all citizens’ everyday life s they couldn’t leave it anywhere, even in mosques, markets and roads. If you had a patient who needed to be transferred to hospital at night, you should have armed escorts because of the widespread terror at night on the roads. Today, markets are open till late at night. Traffic never stops on the roads and weapons disappeared. People left their weapons at their houses and are now moving unarmed without fear.
Shabwa Elites units are in al markets, day and night. Some of them are inspecting roads in addition to tens of posts along the roads and very near to each other. Citizens now report any conflict to Shabwa Elites to enforce the law, on the contrary of what happened before when everyone was trying to take his right by his own hands. Such acts were among the major reasons of revenge crimes. But today, everyone reports his complains to Shabwa Elites that respond in a few minutes.
Land conflicts were very common in Shabwa leading to many killing accidents. Today, Shabwa Elites detain both conflicting parties and form a commission of wise men to measure and mark the land. Both parties in jail should sign a consent as a resolution. If one party refuses, he stays in jail till he signs. This way, the conflict ends without bloodshed.
Shabwa Elites exert major efforts that turned Shabwa into a civil community. This community also cooperates with the elites. They forsake weapons to keep order and work in harmony with Shabwa Elites. This harmony led Shabwa to become an ideal of security and stability.

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