The First Meeting of the Southern National Assembly … The Most Important Political Event in the South Since 1994 Occupation

Fadl Al-Abdaly

Fadl Al-Abdaly

Southern writer

The whole world is looking at Adan that will host the first meeting of the southern national assembly (the southern parliament). This, of course, is the most significant political event in the south since 1994 occupation as this meeting is the coronation of long way of southern struggle and the glorious military victories achieved by the southern resistance. It is a historical milestone in the path of the southern cause.
This meeting is a political necessity to achieve the ultimate goal of the southern revolution since its beginning. It not an act of harassment for any power. Nor it comes as a self-benefiting act for some one or even some group. It is a national right that should be fulfilled as it was earned by the blood of martyrs. Therefore, the following points should be considered:
We should know well that the whole world is watching us. Therefore, the meeting should be professionally prepared and organized as a reflection of our right to restore our national sovereignty and independence.
We should know well that enemies of our cause are trying to make us fail. Therefore, security precautions should be taken to prevent any such efforts and to reflect the true civilized image of the south.
The southern transitional council, delegated by the southern people, and the southern national assembly delegated by that council should take the necessary steps to listen to all southern citizens, groups and organizations, as soon as possible.
Both the council and the parliament are responsible for identifying our relationship with the Arab Ally according to our rights and without any further delay. We hope that the council and the parliament quickly move in that direction to avoid any undesired conflicts that may lead to major conflicts with the Arab Ally, especially in the light of the current congestion. This relation should be defined according to the expectations of the southern people and the goals of independence.

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