The Hen of Maasheek!!

Mansour Saleh

Mansour Saleh

Southern Writer

The southern transitional council and the Arab Coalition are trying to alleviate the defeat of president Hady’s government and its military setback that, in a few hours, turned it from a powerful authority deploying all over Adan and preventing people, by force, from gathering in the celebration square, to a small group under siege in their bedrooms who have no control except over their pages on face book, tweeter, WhatsApp and, to be fair, their toilets.
The coalition, southern resistance and transitional council don’t want to push the government, despite its provocative acts, towards mental defeat in addition to its field one. The objective of public escalation is not to humiliate the government nor to throw it into Sira see. Instead, the objective is to replace it with a government of integrity that can provide this poor people with its rights wasted by consecutive governments of the legitimacy.
The council and the southern resistance expressed self-control towards provocative acts of the government and its arrogance. They showed their understanding for the need of this government to yell and shout so as to cover its feelings of defeat through claiming a fabricated victory. But the government went even farther and started to believe its own lies. The government believes that it really issues orders and governs associations that are halted!!
Confidently, the council smiles while reading or seeing the posts and talk shows of the government supporters talking about “public support of the wise government that enabled it to fail the conspiracy against it”!! they also claim the government is restoring normal life to people while allowing “the transitional council” to become, with governmental blessings, a political party, even against its halted constitution that clearly bans establishing political parties on a territorial basis!!
People wonder how the government defeated a whole people that went out to siege it, and he is doing so now. If this government was not a guest of the Arab Coalition, at the same place they should host their guests, only 20 soldiers can go and book this government a small boat to take it anywhere it wants except for Adan and the south. At that time Tweeter, WhatsApp, Yemeni Youth Channel and even Al-Jazeera will do this government no good.
We understand that this government needs something that saves its face and leaves without scandalous defeat and accusations of corruption. But the government should know that the council and resistance deal with it as a beaten child who is left to scratch with his nails and curses with his tongue and at the same time says he won the battel.
The government knows well that the council and resistance are in a position of power and they are exercising self-control. Therefore, the government should know its limits of expressing its pain and anger and not to exceed these limits.
Lies, overacting and mobilizing media tools supported by Qatar and Muslim Brotherhood in addition to official media will only keep provoking the southern resistance and southern people and this will never be for the good of this government. These provocations may lead the southern street to exercise more pressure on the council to end up this noise of Maasheek drums celebrating a fabricated victory while they can’t sleep when they hear fireworks of a wedding a kilometer away from the palace. The southern resistance can cut the internet off Maasheek so that “Face book” activists can no longer take their photos from the roof and publish it as they are in a tour in Al-Bereika or Gold Moor.
Only mediation efforts of the Coalition and the wisdom of Aidarous Al-Zubaidy that prevented any teenager of the southern resistance to climb up Maasheek and announce the end of this government. Wisdom necessitates that escalation stops at the gates of Maasheek and to let political efforts get this government out in an honorable way by replacing it with a qualified government. Unfortunately, this government is too stupid to seize this opportunity and instead of taking the chance, it insists on its arrogance that may lead to dishonorable destiny.
In our countryside, people describe the person who creates problems while he thinks he is seeking success as the hen that inters dirty places and puts dirt on its head while digging thinking it will find food while the only thing it does is to dig dirt stupidly just to put its head in it. This is the case of this “legitimacy government” that exceeded the limits of provoking others while thinking it is achieving victories, not knowing that it only pushes them towards harsh measures it will never tolerate.
It is stupid to think that the government will find anyone who show sympathy while it provokes the street like that, even if its existence if forced over the the south by international decisions. The government should learn its lesson and should know that the southern resistance and the southern transitional council are dealing with it rationally as a state. They are depending on logic and reason away from reckless decisions. It is stupid of the government to think that stopping troops from climbing three stories of Maasheek mountain was the result of failure or inability of the southern resistance, just as they say now!!
The government puts its bit on the coalition to protect its existence. But the government should also understand that the coalition is fed up of its corruption and abuse of the country’s money and organizations as a booty to be shared by its supporters, political parties and corrupt personnel as if the country is a private property to this government, its relatives, in-laws and those who praise its favor!!

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