The Northern Parties and its Southern Tools!!!‎

 Ali Mohamed Al-Solimany ‎
Ali Mohamed Al-Solimany ‎

Intelligent and resourceful northern parties with all its connections failed to keep her southern tools‎ under cover and exposed them clearly to all eyes. They are now moving uncovered in a resentful‎ manner. These tools that managed to hide their faces for more than 10 years of southern movement hindered the establishment of a consensual leadership for the southern fair cause although southern loyal figures and national powers tried several times to establish such a leadership. For more ‎than 10 years these tools worked as the brakes that hinder the south from going to that direction. ‎After restless efforts of the southern people in the millions’ marsh of May 4th 2017 and the delegat‎ion of Aidarous Al-Zubaidy to form the southern transitive council to lead the south to liberation and to establish its independent state, the council was declared in May 21st. the current situation is critical and requires all free citizens of the south to make more concessions for the south and its peaceful movement that turned into a national resistance against the second Yemeni invasion under command of Efash and Al-Houthi militias in 2015. These major sacrifices worth and will lead to the ‎declaration of a free independent and sovereign state of the Arab South. ‎
This patriotic work of the southern transitive council annoyed all parties of the north, legitimate government band coup forces as well, in addition to their collaborators in the south. What is happening today with revealing all intensions and attitudes could never happen unless the southern train, that stopped for more than 10 years due to the lack of a real leader, has already starts to move ahead. All masks dropped off and the clear hysterical statements of the northern leader reflect their‎ panic. This led them to order their collaborators to try to shred the southern line and drain it into the two-territory federal illusion. Those collaborators sold themselves for offices and magnificent ‎cars. But the train started to move and no one can stop it, God willing, till it reached its destination with an Arab South Federal State with full sovereignty on all its lands ‎

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