The Power of Faith!

Written by: Ahmed Al-Rubaizi
The person whose belief in the justice of his cause, and his self-confidence, has weakened, and he is (struggling) in an emotional mood – quickly changing, or has seen himself in another place, or is upset and complains of marginalization, it is easy for him to find justification for attacking the Southern Transitional Council (the bearer of the cause of the people of the South), which is waging a real political struggle, in the midst of raging and churning storms and weather.

Or he may find his justification in a leadership statement here, or a comment by another there, and even though these statements are a small part of major battles being waged within corridors and in a charged and cloudy atmosphere, which they basically have their goals, and are not necessarily a fixed position, as if they were a holy text.

The positive thing that the convulsions of many have proven is that the extent of the influence of the Southern Transitional Council (which carries the issue) is very large, and the interaction of people with what it issues with joy or indignation is the greatest evidence of its strong influence on the southern street. May you stay safe.

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