The roots of the disaster

By\ Dr. Hussein Laqour
The roots of the disaster that is afflicting us in this region of the Arabian Peninsula go back to the absence of the concept of the state and the failed system that ruled Sana’a and was not the result of the Houthi control over Sana’a, which was the detonator that detonated all the disadvantages of the Zaidi center’s ruling system.

Al-Houthi could have reached the end of his career, but what kept him alive were the failed policies practiced by a corrupt, conspiratorial legitimacy led by people who are not qualified for the battles of the homelands.

Therefore, confronting the Houthi will not be done using the tools of a corrupt system, nor will it be by borrowing the remains of Afash’s soldiers who fought with the Houthi and brought them into Sana’a.

The reasons for victory exist, and removing Houthi is not as difficult as the psychologically defeated people imagine, but the coalition was not guided by those reasons.

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